FundForum Middle East – 3 Speakers in 30 Seconds!

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As we quickly approach FundForum Middle East in Dubai this September, we get to know a little more about some of our key speakers with a brief word from Fred Ingram, Shawn Mato and Snehal Urankar, who will all be presenting at this years event in Dubai.

The great rotation: from bonds into…

FredFI…”liquid alternatives”

shawn-mato-aviva-170x170SM…”global convertible bonds”

Snehal UrankarSU“Equities”

When I was a child my ambition was to become a

FredFI…”A novelist”

shawn-mato-aviva-170x170SM…”Olympic alpine ski racer”

Snehal UrankarSU…”a chef”

What do you think is the main pitfall which investors are susceptible to at the moment?

FredFI“Thinking in equity and bond siloes rather than looking at alternatives”

shawn-mato-aviva-170x170SM“Too much focus on the benchmark and not enough focus on risk based investment outcomes”

If I didn’t manage money, I would manage

FredFI“Coventry City Football Club”

shawn-mato-aviva-170x170SM“a technology start-up”

Snehal UrankarSU“a restaurant”

What is the best and the worst investment you ever made?

FredFI“Both are long stories…”

shawn-mato-aviva-170x170SM“The best investments I have made were when no one wanted to buy anything with risk.  Similarly, the worst investment were during 2 major crisis periods  - the Asian Crisis in 1998 and the 2008 financial crisis”

Snehal UrankarSU“Best: Buying US equities in 2009. Worst: Buying silver in 2011″

You can hear more from Fred, Shawn and Snehal this September at FundForum Middle East.  Visit the website for more information.


Relevance and Timeliness Drive Engagement

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Danielle Press spoke at FundForum International 2014.  Hear more from her in our exclusive interview below, and read the full article beneath from Equip on driving Engagement. Despite the libraries of behavioural studies, there is really no mystery to consumer behaviour. Consumers respond to messages that resonate with them. What makes messages resonate is all…

Editor’s Top Picks From 2014

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By Jenny Adams, Editor In Chief, FundForum International @JenLoewiAdams @FundForum   What a buzz. With over 1200 delegates from over 45 countries,  240 top tier speakers, over 150 different sessions and facilitated engaged  conversation pieces, a new style agenda, more  tweets, more social media coverage and more participation than ever, FundForum just felt great. So…

Urgent Themes for 2015

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By Jenny Adams, Editor In Chief, FundForum International @JenLoewiAdams @FundForum Industry Leaders Post-Event Action Plan Follow up from 2014: Urgent Themes for 2015 We asked 25 leading CEOs, CIOs and Fund Selectors: what should Asset Management do to deliver more value, justify higher fees and create a sustainable business model? Our participants, from Allan Pollack, CEO,…

FundForum Day Two Review – Who were the Key Speakers?

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The FundForum Day Two Round-Up Report The Synopsis FundForum Day Two focused on managing uncertainties and engaging clients. How does Asset Management, as an industry, can cope with hidden risks and prepare for new opportunities? The plenary sessions focused on 3 main challenges: 1) attracting long term savings, through what channels? with what vehicles ? 2)…

FundForum Day One Overview – What were the main themes?

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 The FundForum Day One Round-Up Report The Synopsis Day 1 at FundForum International 2014 addressed how the Asset Management industry positions itself in the value chain. Dr Ian Goldin, Professor at Oxford, and Vice Chair of the Commission for the future generations, challenged a panel of CEOs to respond to the critical issue of long…

The Key Themes from Summit Day at FundForum International 2014

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 The Summit Day at FundForum Round-Up Report What were the main themes and discussion points arising from Summit Day at FundForum International 2014?  Watch our video round-up, and read more about the highlights of the day below, as we dissect the key points raised during the Summit. The Synopsis The Global Distribution Summit Day challenged…

Insights from Day Two – FundForum International 2014

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FundForum International 2014 - Insights from Day Two: How can decision makers cope with uncertainties? How society can save more? How to attract those savings? Which channels? Are Ecommerce platforms a solution to access the new young generation for retirement plans? Goldman Sachs AM creates initiative to support women working projects around the world? How China sees…

Adopting Social Media in the Funds Industry

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For the first time at FundForum International this year, we are running Social Media Sandbox (aka Social Media Surgery) sessions, revolving around the issues on embedding Social Media into the Investment Management industry as everyday business tools. Andrew Walker, Tweetminster, and Jonathan Taylor, BNP Paribas, will be running four of these workshops next week.  Ahead…

Matthijs Aler: 6 Reasons Not To Go ‘Direct’

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By Matthijs Aler, COO Ohpen Ever since the Dutch King William launched the first investment fund, mutual distribution in continental Europa has known two channels: ‘institutional’ and ‘third party’. Not surprising that investment management firms are solely focused on these channels and all employees, next to the core of the investment management and product development…