Urgent Themes for 2015

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By Jenny Adams, Editor In Chief, FundForum International jadams@icbi.co.uk @JenLoewiAdams @FundForum

Industry Leaders Post-Event Action Plan Follow up from 2014: Urgent Themes for 2015

We asked 25 leading CEOs, CIOs and Fund Selectors: what should Asset Management do to deliver more value, justify higher fees and create a sustainable business model?

Our participants, from Allan Pollack, CEO, Nordea to Edward Bonham Carter, Vice Chairman Jupiter, to Andrew Summers, Head of Fund Research and Collectives, Investec or Nick Philllips, Head of Distribution, GSAM, ranked their sentiments on our 5 key themes as illustrated below;


1st    Investment Outcomes 76 Votes 

Focus on creating investment solutions that deliver hard outcomes. This could be with new stakeholders from insurance to risk to data analytics, and include specialist and mid size funds and boutiques from the non-liquid, alternative and long only worlds.

2nd   Rethink Brand  56 Votes

Create differentiation, develop new partnerships from different sectors, think more about connecting to specific segments

3rd   Technology & The Customer 54 Votes

Drive Efficiency And Create New Distribution Channels By Leveraging Technology And Data Science: Time To Think Strategically About Avoiding Disintermediation

4th   Long Term Investment & Non-Bank Finance  45 votes

Take Advantage Of Assets Being Offloaded By Banks And Become More Systemically Useful To all States, Thus Driving New Revenues: Include Longer- Term Investing Models; Private Equity, Direct Infrastructure Investment, SMEs, CrowdFunding, Lending. This could be with new Stakeholders

5th   Next Billion Customers  38 votes

Drive To Increase The Market & Money Flow By Democratising Finance In Developed and Developing Markets

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