5 Unmissable Guest Speakers At SuperReturn Asia 2014

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The SuperReturn Asia 2014 conference in Hong Kong, 22-25 September, promises a quality programme featuring 60+ LP speakers and only the very best GPs from the Asia-Pacific region. You can also expect to see and hear from experts from outside the industry, including these five inspirational guest speakers:


Ken Segall is a guest speaker at SuperReturn Asia 2014The Branding Expert

Ken Segall

Tuesday 23 September, 12:15

Flying the flag for simplicity. Spilling the beans on working with Steve Jobs. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most successful companies, Apple, from the creative director who came up with the “i” in “iPhone”.


TAN SRI DATO’ DR MOHD MUNIR BIN ABDUL MAJID The Distinguished Malaysian Leader

Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid

Monday 22 September, 9:15

Dr Majid will give a geo-political keynote address to open the Summits.  This is an un-missable opportunity to hear from one of Malaysia’s prominent businessmen, writers and thinkers.


Jim Walker is a guest speaker at SuperReturn Asia 2014The Economist

Jim Walker

Tuesday 23 September, 8:45

Voted Best Regional Economist By AsiaMoney, Dr Jim Walker will provide a macro-economic outlook to open the 2014 conference. Dr Walker has a formidable reputation, during his 16 years as Chief Economist at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets in Hong Kong, he gained many prestigious awards and the respect of the investment industry for his forecasts of the Asian Crisis in 1997 and the 2007 downturn in the US.


Nury Vittachi is a guest speaker at SuperReturn Asia 2014The Humourist

Nury Vittachi

Thursday 25 September, 12:30

Nury will provide a light and refreshing look at the lighter side of doing business in Asia. His way with words and nose for news made him infamous as a reporter under pseudonyms such as Lai See and “The Spice Trader”. He is best known for his offbeat thriller novel series The Feng Shui Detective and for his latest work The Kama Sutra of Business, a book about ancient Asian wisdom.


Peter Goodson is a guest speaker at SuperReturn Asia 2014The Academic

Peter Goodson

Wednesday 24 September, 11:45

Peter Goodson is a pioneer in the private equity discipline as an early stage partner at Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, one of the first management buyout firms. He is currently a Fellow at the Tuck Center of Private Equity and Entrepreneurialism and a Professor at University of California, Berkeley Haas Business School. His current research focuses on how private equity can create real operational value and how LPs can do true due diligence. Don’t miss his keynote speech detailing his latest findings.


Visit the SuperReturn Asia 2014 website to get the latest programme and check out the new meeting package for enhanced networking.

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